• 夏ふく料理イメージ
  • 夏ふく料理イメージ
  • 夏ふく料理イメージ
  • 夏ふく料理イメージ
  • 夏ふく料理イメージ
  • 夏ふく料理イメージ


The globefish is called “Fuku” in Fukuoka.
Fuku means fortune.


Fukuoka prefecture catch of natural globefish is the national first place or second in Japan. We are thinking of globefish cuisine eat winter season. Actually we can eat it all of seasons. First, Tiger puffer to migration the coastal waters from spring to early summer to spawn. And the past, many kinds of globefish was the most caught in the summer The summer in best season to eat globe fish. Because their physical recovering after spawning. Ordinarily globefish cuisine is expensive but summer time you can have globefish cuisine by reasonable price more than winter season. So, you can get a chance for excellent globefish cuisine now.


Charm of globefish as ingredients.


Globefish’s meat has high protein, low-fat and abundant collagen. Feature is resilient texture and deep flavor. Low-fat globefish’s meat is best ingredients not only for Japanese cuisine but also Italian, Chinese and other cuisines !!


Along with the special brand Yebisu beer
followed by 100 years.


Excellent globefish cuisine in the summer, make a toast with Yebisu beer. Aroma of fresh hops and deep taste of malts extract delicious flavor from globefish cuisine in summer.. Please enjoy the excellent time this summer in Fukuoka



  • July  06 / 2018.

    Natsu-Fugu & Yebis beer Collaboration Campaign start from July 09 2018!!
    Let’s try! Natsu-Fugu cuisine with Yebis beer.


The Promotion council for branding of summer globefish

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